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The Pyrenees are photogenic and stunning, often enshrouded in thick cloud and harsh weather, and not ephemeral like our trip across them. Here are a few pics. Check the album on Flickr. Saying goodbye to the Atlantic at Biarritz, France: Top of the Col de la Pierre St Martin, leaving Spain, re-entering France: It rained […]

This morning was not easy — very early start, limited to boulangerie fare only the kind loaded with sugar (you won’t last long with just that in your body), and being attacked by a homeless man’s dog. This dog chased us around the old city streets of Foix, as we’re yelling and even kicking the […]

These have been long and hard kilometers with the massive mountains and adverse weather in the way, but we have safely arrived in one piece to the Mediterranean Sea. More soon…

Low clouds this morning but dry roads, so uncertainty and anticipation of the worst up in higher elevations. Rolled back through Seix, unsuccessfully topped up our tires from a motorbike postcard shop, and hit the road up more hills. Quickly we got in a paceline along the river valley towards Col de La Trappe with […]

I’ve been hooked on for rides around Vancouver. I can’t wait to check out the stats on the rides on this trip, how these climbs compare, and how fast my climbing compares to anyone else who’s done these. Although most of them were probably not carrying an extra 10 kilograms of week long gear […]

Cierp Gaud now comes recommended highly from us after this morning. Left our hotel/hostel/former hospital and sought breakfast at the village boulangerie. We’re sitting in the shop powering through the pile of delicious baked goods and chatting with the lovely lady and girl working there when they start bringing us and treating us to sweets […]

I’m gonna have to write that down, Cierp Gaud, because we probably won’t remember it. We started with a huge descent out of the ski station La Mongie below the Tourmalet. The tram heading way up the hill and hikers were eager early this morning. The descent pretty much burned out all our brake pads […]

Epic day. Steep Marie Blanque, Col d’Aubisque, Col Saurol, then the “terrible mountain” Col du Tourmalet topped at 9:30pm! Big meal at La Mama

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