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Top of Cres, Croatia, originally uploaded by thevictour. The highest point by road on the island of Cres, our first of our Croatian island hopping day (Day 5)

Roadblock in Slovenia, originally uploaded by thevictour. One of the many obstacles that seemed to try to prevent us from getting to Trieste, Italy from Slovenia (Day 3)

Lake Bohinj, originally uploaded by thevictour. End of day 2, in the Slovenian alps

Mountain top in Austria, originally uploaded by thevictour. Day 1, sunset

287 kilometers today from Genova to friends’ house in the Provence countryside. (That means end of the cycling route.) We only left at 8:45am, had 150km in the bank by lunch on the Monaco boardwalk, and hauled until there was no more light. That makes 1904km in 11 days. Ouch. The bodies are still intact, […]

Fri Aug 25, Varazze – The previous night’s grappa drinking/lessons with the chef and other staff, and the morning’s smart navigation despite wrong ways down one ways made getting out of Florence on Thursday morning a longer process than expected. We rode through Prato and Pistoia, and began climbing. That was an impressive climb out […]

After 228 km on Sunday, it seems anything less won’t do. Tuesday, after turning west from the Adriatic into the prevailing headwind, we rode hard for 231 km to the old Tuscan town of Lucignano, passing through Umbria and some great climbing towards Arcevia and Scheggia, then into Tuscany on a long but not too […]

On Sunday we pulled down to Split and caught the ferry straight over to the island of Hvar. I have to recommend the restaurant Alviz behind the cathedral for fair priced food and great owners. Vjeko will drink with you until closing. Monday, our day off was spent almost entirely eating and catching up on […]

Sunday Aug 20, 9pm, boat from Split to Hvar – Today we decided to make a big push for the city of Split so we could have a trip to the island of Svar, often laden with paradise-like descriptions, before crossing the Adriatic to Ancona, Italy and continuing the ride from there. However, that meant […]

Yesterday, Saturday the 19th, was just so perfectly executed, it’s worth writing about even a day late. We managed to island hop four Croatian islands linking ferry stations and still getting 121 kms on the bike. And when there was no such ferry, we commanded Mario and his ship to haul us in his diesel […]

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