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The Pyrenees are photogenic and stunning, often enshrouded in thick cloud and harsh weather, and not ephemeral like our trip across them. Here are a few pics. Check the album on Flickr. Saying goodbye to the Atlantic at Biarritz, France: Top of the Col de la Pierre St Martin, leaving Spain, re-entering France: It rained […]

We’re off the plane in Biarritz after 3pm and make it past the Atlantic Ocean beaches into the Pyrenees foothills and over into Spain by 7:30. And wow what a hotel. Two beds, super cheap Spanish style 60 Euros, 3 star, North American style shower, cervesas delivered to the room, and most importantly, a room […]

Top of Cres, Croatia, originally uploaded by thevictour. The highest point by road on the island of Cres, our first of our Croatian island hopping day (Day 5)

Roadblock in Slovenia, originally uploaded by thevictour. One of the many obstacles that seemed to try to prevent us from getting to Trieste, Italy from Slovenia (Day 3)

Lake Bohinj, originally uploaded by thevictour. End of day 2, in the Slovenian alps

Mountain top in Austria, originally uploaded by thevictour. Day 1, sunset

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